Podere Castellaccia – Tuscany farmhouse and winery

Of wine, hospitality and passion

The origins of Podere Castellaccia date back to the early 1830’s, when our grandfather Sinibaldo and our grandmother Alba arrived in Maremma and brought their first parcel of land on the hill that is Podere Castellaccia. With their unending hard work and dedication, the earth that they toiled began to bear its fruit. And the first of the Pellegrini wine, extra virgin olive oil, and “pinoli” (pine) nuts were produced.

In the succeeding years the farm passed to Sinibaldo and Alba’s eldest son, our father Alfonso. Who, with our mother, Loretta, continued the labour of love at Podere Castellaccia and the path mapped out by his father. Recognising the extraordinary potential of the gentle hills and climate of this land, he set out with impetus to fulfil a dream. A dream of exceptional wine and extra virgin olive oil.

His fighting nature and infinite personal resources have been an inspiration and still surprise us every day!

Today, aware of our history and grateful to our parents and grandparents before us for their courage, energy, and belief in what they were doing, we now stand alongside our parents. Alfonso and Loretta’s daughters. Supporting them with enthusiasm and commitment. Incentivised every day by their example. Taking the work of the farm and the welcoming atmosphere of the Podere Castellaccia agriturismo forward for the next generation. Our own young children. With a heartfelt conviction to a lifestyle dictated by the rhythms of the countryside, married with the introduction of new innovations and skills.

Winemakers in Tuscany: Podere Castellaccia Maremma

The view to the sea just 18 kilometres away. In winter you can see all the way to Sardinia from the Podere hill top and out of the farmhouse windows.

Tuscany wine growing region

The view inland.

Tuscany wine country: panoramic landscape from Podere Castellaccia farmhouse accommodation

Some things have changed… others haven’t

Our great-uncle Primo, ploughing the land by oxen. The photograph was taken between 1936 and 1940.

Tuscany farming in the 1930's: ploughing a field by oxen at Podere Castellaccia

And today, Alfonso still building our haystack the old-fashioned way.

Tuscany farmhouse experience: harvesting by hand

You’ll spot it from a distance as you make your way up our hill.

Tuscany farmhouse vacation: building a haystack by hand the old fashioned way.

The Vineyard

Grape harvest time – the vendemmia – is as it has always been. A labour of love and hard graft. With all the family out together from dawn to dusk, picking each perfect bunch, by bunch, by hand.

Tuscany vineyard holidays
Tuscany wine holidays in Maremma: tasting the grapes

Right up until the last rays of sun.

Tuscany wine producers: Podere Castellaccia

Our new Cantina

Our new cellar with a view, built into the Podere hillside.

Tuscany terrace winery and cellar open to the public

Our olive grove

Tuscany olive harvest season
Tuscany wine and olive oil tasting

And pineta – pine wood

Tuscany countryside accommodation

The farmhouse

The Podere Castellaccia farmhouse. Now restored. With our home upstairs, and accommodation for guests downstairs.

Tuscan farmhouse vacation rentals
Tuscany winery agriturismo accommodation

At home in Maremma from the moment you arrive

Tuscany wine estate accommodation

When you arrive at Podere Castellaccia you walk into a world that will have you feeling at home from the moment you step out of your car and set foot on the land. This quiet calm place will give your heart what it has desired for a long time, or didn’t even know that it had been longing for.

Tuscany rural accommodation farmstay

It is a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the simple things in life. Nestled in the beautiful land of Maremma, Podere Castellaccia will bring you back in contact with nature’s scents and breathtaking colors.

Tuscany wine farms with accommodation

Listen to the sound of silence

A walk within the vineyards, olive groves, and pine forests that surround the farm will remind you what a real silence sounds like. You’ll rediscover the forgotten scents of childhood as you crush pine needles under foot, smell the unmistakable scent of wild mushrooms hiding out of sight of all but those who know where to look.

And take in the heady scent of a long hot summer, when a warm and deep purple grape bursts in your mouth and its sweetness trickles down your throat.

Or the promise of spring when you nibble on your very first shoot of wild asparagus.

Tuscany farmstay accommodation

Tread lightly and you won’t have to look hard to catch a glimpse of others that live here with us.
Exchange a daily greeting with hares, foxes, pheasants, deer and turtles.

Tuscan farmhouse vacation rentals: young roe deer on the farm
Tuscan winery lodging: wild deer grazing on the estate
Tuscany wine accommodation: wild deer in the estate grounds
Wild hare in the grounds of Podere Castellaccia winery and farmhouse
Tuscany winery accommodation: resident peacock

Apt to make a mating call or two of a morning strutting near the swimming pool, our two peacocks are sure to delight the younger ones in your family and might even leave a stunning plume as a gift whilst out for their walk.

Podere Castellaccia Tuscany wine estate Italy
From our guest...

“It is really an enchanting place… here you can breathe life.”

Bee on flowers at Podere Castellaccia

Our hospitality

We will welcome you with warm hospitality. Be on hand if you need us to ensure your maximum comfort and to help with any information you may need. But remain unobtrusive if you don’t.

From our guest...

“It is really amazing. We respect your way of life, your way of making business. Thank you so much. Everything is done with big love.”

From our guest...

“Having never stayed in an agriturismo, I can tell you that I had fun (a surprise!). I hope to return.”

Open throughout the year

Tuscany farmhouse accommodation in the winter: snow at Podere Castellaccia in Maremma

We are open throughout the year. So if you can’t get to Tuscany until the winter months don’t worry. Your dream of renting a Tuscany farmhouse and living next to a vineyard even in December or January is still possible.

The views from the Podere hill extend even further in crisp, clear winter skies. And the blazing orange winter sunsets are arguably even more beautiful. Just ask any local photographer.

Swap a swim in our pool for your feet up in front of a roaring open fire.

From our guest...

“The only disadvantage of Castellaccia is the fact that time passes too quickly!!! Please slow it down!!!”

Growing-up together

From our guest...

“After seven years of knowing you, I think you know that we will always return! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for making us feel every time as though we are home.”

Some of the families that stay with us return year after year. Their children used to play with us when they were children. And now their grandchildren play with our children. When we get together around the farmhouse barbecue to cook and share a meal together, it is like one big extended family event.

From our guest...

“We are leaving here a piece of our hearts.”

You don’t need to like wine

You don’t have to have a passion for wine to stay with us. A family from Prague who don’t drink wine came one year and loved the experience so much that they still return, again and again. They told us that they “found” what they needed at Podere Castellaccia.

From our guest...

“Five unforgettable days between wine and scenery that will remain always in our hearts.”

From our guest...

“The third time to return here, a wonderful place in this world where you need to stop and live in the moments of pure peace… you are wonderful people.”

From our guest...

“We have spent one of the most beautiful holidays of our lives… forever in love with your place.”

The swimming pool with a view

Our swimming pool has a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and vineyards and is the perfect place to spend relaxing, quiet summer afternoons. Or for a pre-breakfast morning dip.

We provide the sun loungers and parasols. You just need to bring that romantic novel or book about living in Tuscany!

Farmhouse in Tuscany with pool

The perfect location

Maremma: the charm of a humble and sincere earth

As a location, Maremma is extraordinary. Few other parts of Italy come close to offering an experience of nature, wildlife and wildernesses as Maremma. Stunning scenery. And a legacy of ancient Etruscan and Roman archaeological sites (some of the most important in Italy), and jewels of medieval and Renaissance architecture. All within easy reach of the incredible cities and cultural centres of Rome, Firenze, Pisa and Siena.

Easy drive to stunning places to visit

Podere Castellaccia, located just 9 km from Grosseto and a stone’s throw further from the sea, is surrounded by that stunning scenery. It’s central location makes it the ideal strategic starting point for visiting some of the most beautiful places in the whole of Tuscany.

Some just a few minutes drive away. Others just an hour.

Not to mention charming hill town after charming hill town. Enough to fill a month of days exploring and still not have seen them all.

Art & Cities

Grosseto (9km), Massa Marittima (56 km), San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena (80 km), Florence (149 km), Pisa (160 km), and Rome (169 km).


Maremma’s city enclosed within star-shaped Medici walls is made for strolling, shopping, and cafe and pasticcerie stops.

Maremmano horses in the Parco della Maremma
Grosseto cathedral

Massa Marittima

In the heart of Maremma’s wooded metalliferous hills sits stunning Massa Marittima. A medieval and Renaissance jewel home to some incredible art, unforgettable views, and lost underground passages and galleries that tell a tale of centuries past.

Massa Marittima rooftops and panoramic view

Beaches, among the most beautiful in Italy

A few kilometers away you will find some of the most beautiful stretches of Italian coast.

To the south, Capalbio, Monte Argentario, the long stretches of Feniglia, La Giannella, and the Marina di Alberese. To the north, Principina a Mare, the Marina di Grosseto, Castiglione della Pescaia, Le Rocchette, Punta Ala, and the most famous of all, the cove of Cala Violina.

Monte Argentario – Tuscany’s silver coast

Monte Argentario, once an island, is home to the historic Spanish towns of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole. As well as a panoramic circular coastal road that will take you past tucked-away cove after hidden cove.

Monte Argentario coast

From Porto Santo Stefano, catch a ferry to the stunning Island of Giglio for another unforgettable day.

Island of Giglio Tuscany

Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia

A pretty fortified medieval town by the sea, with a sailing port and stunning family-friendly beaches. It is no wonder that it is one of Maremma’s most popular places for a seaside “passeggiata” anytime of the year.

Grosseto beach

Archaeological sites, Etruscan cities and medieval villages

Roselle archaeological site (10 km), the necropolis of Vulci and Vetulonia (30 km), Scansano (20 km), Monte Argentario, Pitigliano (65 km), Sovana, Paganico, and Sorano.


The incredible tufa town of Pitigliano that will take your breath away when you first glimpse it as you turn a hair-pin bend in the road. One not to miss.

Pitigliano Tuscany

Parks, nature reserves and artistic gardens

The Maremma Regional Park at Alberese (18 km), the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve (33 km), the Lake Burano Nature Reserve (40 km), the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago (the islands of Giglio, Giannutri, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, and Gorgona), the Bosco Patanella WWF site (33 km away).

The Parco dell’Uccellina

Cycle through the park to its windswept wild beach – the most photographed in the whole of Maremma and for good reason – and you will be sure to see Maremma’s Maremmano horses and horned cattle. As well as be greeted by a fox or two.

Stay for sunset and you’ll more than likely catch a glimpse of a sounder of wild boar leaving the cover of the Mediterranean macchia that backs the dunes, heading for a dip of their own in the sea.

Maremmano horses in the Parco della Maremma
Parco della Maremma
Maremmano cattle in the Parco della Maremma
Wild fox Marina di Alberese
Parco della Maremma cattle

The Giardino dei Tarocchi

The Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle (30 km), the artistic Daniel Spoerri Garden (Seggiano 60 km), and the Park of Monsters of Bomarzo (Viterbo).

Giardino dei Tarocchi Tuscany


The multimedia museum in the Casa Rossa Ximenes at Castiglione della Pescaia. The Museums of Archaeology and Art and Natural History in Grosseto. The Jewish Museum, Synagogue and Ghetto in Pitigliano, and the Lagoon Aquarium in Orbetello.


Four golf clubs within easy reach. The Tuscany Golf Club at Gavorrano, the Saturnia Spa Golf Club, the Punta Ala Golf Club, and the Argentario Golf Club.

Natural thermal baths

The thermal waterfalls and pools at Saturnia, where the gods Saturn and Zeus once fought and their thunderbolts boiled the water under the earth.

The Terme di Saturnia spa complex is just across the road and your stay with us includes a discount on the price of the entrance ticket to the thermal swimming pool.

Saturnia thermal waterfall Tuscany

Or just stay put and enjoy the peace and calm…

Or just stay put. All day. On the farm. Take a walk through the shade of the pine wood spotting “pinoli” mushrooms growing in the cover of the needles underfoot. Continue on to row upon row upon row of vines. Walk the lines up hill and down.

Smell the scent of another of mum’s roses again.

And then. With that feeling you don’t get any other way than from having been outdoors surrounded by nature for the day. The one that alludes you when you are sat in an office at work.

With your face full of the warmth of the sun. Head back up the hill to home. To the farmhouse. Gather a cool drink and a “merenda” snack to nibble on. And wait. For the sunset.

For it is special, very special at home at Podere Castellaccia.

From up high on the hill the views are different from every angle and each and every one will blow you away with its breadth of rich, warm light. A light that makes buildings, hillsides and waves upon the sea glow in shades of orange.

Tuscany wine estate accommodation at sunset

The farmhouse accommodation

Podere Castellaccia is divided into two large farmhouses which have been restored and restructured to create 2 two-room apartments (Maestrale and Tramontana), 3 three-room apartments (Gli Archi, Grecale and Scirocco), and three en-suite bedrooms (La Loggia, Libeccio and Brezza).

All of the apartments and en-suite bedrooms are comfortable and cozy, tastefully decorated, and furnished in rustic Tuscan style. Most of the solid wooden furniture belonged to our grandmother.

Each has a private entrance, porch, and direct access to the large and beautiful gardens surrounding the farmhouses. With flowers, plants, spaces equipped with tables, chairs and sun loungers, and barbecues areas.

In the old family farmhouse you will find the apartments GLI ARCHI, LA PERGOLA and the double bedroom LA LOGGIA.

In the second farmhouse, located 150 metres from the family farmhouse and surrounded by a garden with a beautiful view of the sea and Maremma’s mountain, Mount Amiata, you will find the apartments GRECALE, MAESTRALE, TRAMONTANA and SCIROCCO. And the en-suite bedrooms LIBECCIO and BREEZE.

Gli Archi – the apartment of arches

A beautiful, restored, stone-built apartment in a rustic style, with its original ancient arched brick ceilings.

With a large living room with an open fireplace. A modern kitchen with a five ring marble gas hob, fridge-freezer, and electric oven. And comes equipped with all the crockery and pots and pans you are likely to need to rustle-up some truly wonderful Tuscan dishes with your purchases from the local stores and supermarkets.

A double bedroom. A further room. And a bathroom with a shower.


It has an independent entrance, a private garden with deck chairs, a shared barbecue, and an outdoor covered porch area making a perfect location for alfresco dinners.

Plus a covered car parking space.

The touch of time

It is only after you have unpacked your bags, sipped a glass of wine or two, and even slept your first night in Gli Archi that you will notice something. And even subconsciously touch it as you pass. It is a simple thing, but one that tells of the history of our farmhouse.

For, as with all farms in Tuscany, it was the norm for the farmer’s accommodation to be upstairs, on the first floor of his farmhouse. (As it still is today, as mum and dad live upstairs.) And downstairs, underneath was the stables where his animals were kept each night. Not only safe and secure from roaming wildlife, but they also provided some, albeit residual, heat for the rooms above.

And so it was at Podere Castellaccia. What is now the Gli Archi apartment was once the stables. The farmhouse restoration kept many of the original features, including the brick archways between rooms. And it is the bricks of the archway at shoulder height into the kitchen that tell of the cows that once slept here. For it is rubbed smooth. From year after year of every cow rubbing his/her back on it!

Grecale – the Gregale north-east Mediterranean wind

A large and spacious apartment with an independent entrance from the side of the garden that faces the sea. With a portico with table and chairs.

A double bedroom. Another room. A living room with an open fireplace and a sofa bed. A kitchenette with a four-ring marble gas hob, electric oven, and fridge-freezer. A bathroom with a shower.


The shared farmhouse garden has a gazebo with deck chairs and two barbecues.

Private covered car parking space.

Tuscany winery stay - holiday rental accommodation

The gazebo is made by hand by our father from a Mediterranean macchia plant that grows nearby. Each year he repairs it and it grows!

Take a walk around the farm and you’ll spot large blooming roses, in all sorts of places! They are mum’s. She has a sweet spot for their beauty and perfume.

Maestrale – the strong north-westerly Mistral wind

Maestrale is a one bedroom apartment, also with an independent entrance from the side of the garden that faces the sea. Portico with table and chairs.

A double bedroom. Living room with a sofa bed. Kitchenette with a four-ring marble gas hob, electric oven, and fridge-freezer. A bathroom with a shower.


The shared farmhouse garden has a gazebo with deck chairs and two barbecues.

Private covered car parking space.

Tramontana – the cold north wind from across the mountains

Tramontana is a one bedroom apartment with beautiful views of the Tuscan hills surrounding Podere Castellaccia.

With an independent entrance and portico with table and chairs, the internal accommodation comprises a living room with sofa bed. A kitchenette with a four-ring marble gas hob, electric oven, and fridge-freezer. A bathroom with a shower.


The shared farmhouse garden has a gazebo with deck chairs and two barbecues.

Private covered car parking space.

Scirocco – the dry Sahara wind from the south-east

Our Scirocco apartment has great views over the surrounding hills and vineyards. It has an independent entrance with a terrace with table and chairs for external dining, or just simply siting with a glass of wine and a book in hand.

A living room with sofa bed. A kitchenette with a four-ring marble gas hob, electric oven, and fridge-freezer. And a bathroom with a shower.


The shared farmhouse garden has a gazebo with deck chairs and two barbecues.

Private covered car parking space.

Pets are welcome in this apartment during low and medium seasons. Please notify us of their inclusion in your party when making your booking.

We ask that they are not left unattended inside or outside the apartment.

The bedrooms

Our three bedrooms may be booked in conjunction with our apartments to allow you to accommodate a larger family booking or room for a group of friends.

The services for our farmhouse bedrooms include cleaning of the rooms and a change of towels every three/four days.

La Loggia

Situated in the old farmhouse, La Loggia is a distinctively Tuscan accommodation, with a ceiling of chestnut beams and tiles. Finely furnished it comprises a double bedroom, a sofa, small sink, and mini-bar. A bathroom with a shower.

It has two entrances. The first from its own portico, equipped with tables and chairs for dining outdoors. And the second side entrance from the private garden, with deck chairs and a shared barbecue.


Private covered car parking space.

And a view reaching to the sea and islands.

Libeccio – the warm south-westerly wind of the summer

Libeccio is a single en-suite bedroom with a three-quarter bed, and a bathroom with a shower.


It too has its own independent entrance, portico with tables and chairs and use of the shared garden with gazebo and deck chairs.

Brezza – the gentle sea breeze

Brezza is a single en-suite bedroom with a three-quarter bed, and a bathroom with a shower.


It too has its own independent entrance, portico with tables and chairs and use of the shared garden with gazebo and deck chairs.


SeasonFromtoMinimum number of nights
Low Season07.01.2024
Medium Season01.01.2024
High Season06.07.202423.08.20247
  • Grecale/Scirocco*
  • Day/Week
  • Low Season
  • 99€ | 649€
  • Medium Season
  • 125€ | 803€
  • High season (only weekly rentals)
  • 913€
  • Maestrale
  • Day/Week
  • Low Season
  • 90€ | 599€
  • Medium Season
  • 110€ | 726€
  • High season (only weekly rentals)
  • 836€
  • Tramontana
  • Day/Week
  • Low Season
  • 90€ | 599€
  • Medium Season
  • 110€ | 726€
  • High season (only weekly rentals)
  • 836€
  • Libeccio/Brezza
  • Day/Week
  • Low Season
  • 39€ | 266€
  • Medium Season
  • 47€ | 312€
  • High season (only weekly rentals)
  • 367€
  • Gli Archi*
  • Day/Week
  • Low Season
  • 129€ | 816€
  • Medium Season
  • 160€ | 1.067€
  • High season (only weekly rentals)
  • 1.210€
  • La Loggia*
  • Day/Week
  • Low Season
  • 82€ | 517€
  • Medium Season
  • 86€ | 572€
  • High season (only weekly rentals)
  • 621€

* An extra bed can be made available upon request for children under the age of 12 years. An additional cost of Euros 10,00 per day is applicable.

A week’s holiday with us

Weekly stays are preferable, with arrival and departure on a Saturday.


Check-in between 14:00 and 20:00 on the day of arrival.


Check-out is up to 10:00 am on the morning of departure.

Services included in the price

Bed linen, bathroom and kitchen towels, tea towels and tablecloth.

Water, electricity, and gas consumption.


Central heating.

Wood for the fireplace and barbecues.

Weekly cleaning and change of linen.

Change of towels every 3/4 days for the en-suite bedrooms of La Loggia, Libeccio and Brezza.

Final cleaning.

A baby’s cot upon request.

A kettle or hairdryer upon request.

Information brochures about the local territory and places to visit.

I.V.A (VAT).

Shared use of the 7 x 15 metre outdoor swimming pool, with deck chairs and parasols.

Use of mountain bikes. If you are bringing your own, we have places for you to keep them.

Services excluded from the price

An extra bed can be made available upon request for children under the age of 12 years. An additional cost of Euros 10,00 per day is applicable.

Use of the washing machine for laundry. An additional cost of Euros 3,50 per wash.

Extra cleaning of apartment or bedroom. Cost Euros 10,00 per hour.

Additional change of towels, Euros 5,00 per person.

Additional change of linen, Euros 5,00 per person.

Bathing cap (mandatory) for the swimming pool.

Pool towels, Euros 3,50 per person.

Tourist tax

Dear client, the Comune of Grosseto applies a tourist tax – called the Imposta di Soggiorno – between the 15 March and the 15 October each year at a rate of Euros 1,50 per person per night in the municipalities of Grosseto, Manciano and Massa Marittima. Up to a maximum of 14 nights per season. The tax does not apply to children under the age of 14 years.

For more info on the tourist tax, please visit the website of the Comune di Grosseto.


Pets are only allowed in the Scirocco apartment. And only during low and medium seasons. At an additional cost of Euros 20,00 per week.

The Castellaccia Winery

Off the beaten path

We are a small winery and aren’t on any tour bus route. Nor wish to be.

Our 10 hectares of specialised vineyards on the gentle hills adjacent to the Natural Park of Maremma are in an area highly suited to the production of wines. Eight of those hectares are dedicated to Morellino di Scansano DOCG wines, using only local grapes (Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo, and the black Malvasia).

All interventions in the vineyard are done by hand, by expert hands. The grape harvest is followed by the immediate vinification in our cellar.

We personally follow each and every phase of the production of our wines, guaranteeing a product with character.

Our Morellino and other products are today a perfect synthesis of the best of both the land and the sea breezes, and the knowledge gained through years of hard work in the fields. All of these features are found in our wines and olive oil: strong personality and strong character.

Tuscany winery open to public

The winery was recently expanded with the construction of an underground cellar. Its design followed the principles of environmental sustainability in order to preserve the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and energy conservation. The structure is on three levels in order to allow the movement of the grapes and must. The vinification phase in the cellar uses thermo controlled steel tanks, which allow us to monitor the temperature of fermentation and storage.

Most of the wine cellar is hidden underground. The underground part remains very well isolated from external climatic variations and maintains a constant internal temperature and humidity throughout the year. The ideal conditions for the refinement and aging of our wine in oak barrels, and then successive aging in bottles. Enabling the achievement of optimal wine maturity.

From our guest...

“I will take the emotion of here away with me in a bottle and remember here with every sip.”

The flagship product of Podere Castellaccia is the Morellino di Scansano DOCG in the traditional type (Vitazzaie, Abos, Etrurio) and the Reserve Castellaccia. We also produce the white IGT Toscana Fonda del Grigio and the Rosé IGT Toscana Poggio Bistone, vinified white wine from the same grapes as the Morellino di Scansano production.

From our guest...

“We returned and brought your wine because, after 2 years we had remained impressed! Compliments.”

Tasting our Tuscany wines and a picturesque vineyard tour

The winery is particularly suited to host tastings, with a spacious dedicated area inside, and an expansive outdoor terrace with views of the surrounding vineyards.

The layout of the farm makes access to the winery and vineyards easy for minibuses.

From our guest...

“An excellent tour and a beautiful picturesque vineyard.”

Bucket list winery with babe in arms

Castellaccia is a family-run winery and family-friendly. If wine tasting in a Tuscany winery is on your “bucket list” but you have a small babe in your arms. That is fine with us.

Book a couple of nights stay with us for a deep night’s sleep next to the cellars and some down time from exploring Tuscany while little one plays on the lawn.

Teenagers in tow

Have teenagers or near teenagers in tow who you’ll worried will get bored? Send them without worries up the track to the very top of the hill and then down again into the “pineta” pine wood for a run around. And the promise of a trip to a magnificent beach – just down the road – after.

From our guest...

“Great wine and helpful family. Amazingly enjoyable experience.”

The personal touch

We don’t have staff employed to take you on a tour. We do that ourselves.

We will show you our world of wine making. Share with you the breathtaking views of the rolling hills of Maremma that surround us. Take you to the top of our hill for the panoramic view of the sea glistening on the horizon. Guide you around the winery and our new cellar, telling you about how our wines are made, how they are aged, and the characteristics of the precious extra virgin olive oil that is also produced on our farm.

And then. Then we will take you to the scenic setting of the terrace with a view in front of our cellar, for a tasting of our products.

In slow time. We don’t do multiple tours a day. There will just be you.

From our guest...

“This place was a dream.”

Choose the wine tasting experience to suit your plans for the day

We offer three traditional Tuscan tasting experiences, all of which come with the guided tour of our winery. At prices that won’t break the bank.

Delizie del palato

A guided visit of the winery and the tasting of three wines.

  • Bianco IGT Toscana Fonda del Grigio
  • and 2 Morellino di Scansano wines: Abos and Etrurio
  • with bruschetta with our own Podere Castellaccia Extra virgin olive oil
  • in combination with the Maremma specialities of fresh Tuscan pecorino cheese and spicy salamella (thin Tuscan salami with chilli).

Duration of the tasting session: 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes.

Minimum number of people: 4.

Cost: Euros 15,00.

Profumi del Morellino

A guided visit of the winery and the tasting of five wines.

  • Bianco IGT Toscana Fonda del Grigio
  • Rosato IGT Toscana Poggio Bistone
  • and 3 Morellino di Scansano wines: Abos, Etrurio and Riserva Castellaccia
  • with bruschetta with our own Podere Castellaccia Extra virgin olive oil
  • in combination with the Maremma specialities of fresh Tuscan pecorino cheese, crostini, and spicy salamella (thin Tuscan salami with chilli).

Duration of the tasting session: 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours.

Minimum number of people: 6.

Cost: Euros 19,00.

Nettari di Bacco

The third, Nettari di Bacco, comprises a guided visit of the winery and the vineyard, and the tasting of all of our wines and products.

  • Bianco IGT Toscana Fonda del Grigio
  • Rosato IGT Toscana Poggio Bistone
  • Morellino di Scansano Abos, Etrurio and the Riserva Castellaccia
  • Grappa di Morellino di Scansano Sinibalda
  • Grappa Riserva di Morellino di Scansano
  • with bruschetta with our own Podere Castellaccia Extra virgin olive oil
  • in combination with the Maremma specialities (ricotta cheese, acquacotta soup, fresh and mature Tuscan pecorino cheese, Tuscan salami, spicy salamella, Tuscan ham, crostini), first course and a homemade dessert.

All followed by an optional guided tour of our vineyard.

Duration of the tasting session: 2 hours – 2 hours 30 minutes.

Minimum number of people: 6 – 12.

Cost: Euros 35,00.

Best Tuscan winery to visit

Allergic to red wine? Or looking for a white wine tasting?

Tuscany white wine tasting

As with the vast majority wine producers in Maremma and Tuscany, we concentrate on the production of red wines. However, if you are allergic to red wine or would prefer to taste white wines, we can offer an adapted tasting with our white wine, the Bianco IGT Toscana “Fonda del Grigio”, and our rosé, the Rosato IGT Toscana “Poggio Bistone”.

Along with the stronger Grappa’s too if you would like to try those.

True Tuscan hospitality, Maremma style: no crackers!

Our warm Maremman hospitality extends throughout everything we do at Podere Castellaccia. From the agriturismo accommodation to our winery tours and tastings. We don’t believe on stinting when it comes to giving you a taste of local speciality foods to try with our wines.

Tuscany vineyard dinner

Depending upon which tasting option you choose, you may not want to book a dinner afterwards.

Wine tasting with pecorino cheese and local deli meats

A little note: some of the Maremma speciality foods may vary according to the season.

Tuscan lunch or dinner – traditional Tuscan dishes

But, if you are a group and a sit down lunch or dinner is what you are looking for, then with advance notice we can arrange that too. To include a variety of speciality pasta dishes and a second meat course of local wild boar stew etc.

Tuscany wine vacations

Booking your wine tasting experience

Reservations are required for each of our wine tasting options.

Nettari di Bacco

The Nettari di Baco wine tasting takes place every Thursday between 1 April and 15 October. Starting at 17:00. Bookings need to be made by the Wednesday morning before.

With sufficient advance notice and for a group of a minimum of 6 – 12 people, it is possible to arrange a Nettari di Baco experience with us at another time. Please contact us to let us know when you are thinking of visiting.

Delizie del palato and the Profumi del Morellino

The Delizie del Palato and the Profumi del Morellino tasting options are available upon request with a minimum of two days notice.

Tuscany Wine tasting in Tuscany at the weekend

Looking for wine tasting at the weekend in Tuscany? Sunday at Podere Castellaccia is also dedicated to wine. And Saturdays too out of season. When we aren’t busy out in the vineyard or olive grove we open the winery doors on a Saturday during the winter and spring months for tastings.

Contact us to check availability.

Mobile telephone number 349 4263272 – Barbara.

Fax +39 0564 406012

Or e-mail us at info@poderecastellaccia.com

Staying with us?

All of our agriturismo guests are invited on a guided tour of our farm and to taste our products.

The red wine Morellino di Scansano DOCG, the white and rosé wines IGT Toscana, our extra virgin olive oil, and our Grappa di Morellino di Scansano. With some food, of course!

Winery opening hours

Our winery is open every day between 08:30 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 19:30 for direct sales of all of our products and gift boxes, at advantageous prices.

Tuscany wine cellar

We ship throughout Italy and abroad. And speak both Italian and English.

Podere Castellaccia di Pellegrini
Strada Grillese 1, n° 28 – 58100 Grosseto


Phone: +39 0564.406012 | Mobile: +39 349.4263272 (Barbara) | Fax: +39 0564.406012
E-mail: info@poderecastellaccia.com

Confirmation of reservation

Please note that availability for your proposed stay is only confirmed upon your receipt of written confirmation from us.

You will be asked to confirm your booking by paying a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the stay. This advance payment may be paid by direct bank transfer.

Bank transfer details:

Name of bank: Intesa San Paolo

Name of account: Podere Castellaccia – Barbara Pellegrini

From abroad (IBAN):


Bic/swift: BCITITMM

Upon receipt of the deposit we will send you a confirmation of your booking and directions on how to reach us.


Payment of the balance of the cost of your stay with us should be made on the day before you depart.

Payment may be made with cash, debit, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard).

If you wish to purchase any of our products before you leave, please also let us know in advance so that we can make sure that they are ready for you and arrange for the payment to me made at one and the same time as for your accommodation.

Last minute

Credit card details are required for last minute bookings as a guarantee against a “no show”. Payment of the whole amount is due on the day before departure.


Cancellations made between 30 days to 0 days before arrival will have a penalty of 30% of the total cost of the booking applied.

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